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About Us

What Drives Us:  Jesus Christ radically transformed our lives, and our eternity, by coming into our hearts and filling us with forgiveness, truth, hope and joy! 

Since encountering Jesus we have been committed to sharing His unending love with everyone we can and to help others around the world share what Jesus has done in their lives.  We truly believe that together we can spread the Good News of Jesus throughout the world, and as we do this, more people will personally encounter Him and will ask Him into their hearts and lives. 

If you also share these beliefs then please, partner with us by sharing what Jesus has done in your life and in your heart.  Together, we can do what none of us can do alone and as followers of Jesus we have all been commissioned to let the world know that Jesus Christ is the one true Risen King and Savior!

Every day, we simply trust God and know that His perfect plans are unfolding as He wishes.  Each day we pray and ask God to be the CEO of Peace Be With U and lead the direction of this company and ministry so that we may help plant seeds and love our neighbors around the corner, around the country and around teh world in the name of Jesus Christ.  We have placed our trust in the Lord and we are so blessed that He has allowed us to become stewards of His possessions.


God Bless and may Peace Be With U!