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Become A Prayer Partner

Peace Be With U Prayer Partners

What is the benefit of becoming a Prayer Partner?

The eternal gratification of knowing you are praying for and making a difference in the lives of people you do not even know.  Your rewards are being built in Heaven! Together, we can do what none of can do and prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual tools we have to help transform lives and the world....all in the name of Jesus Christ and all the Glory to God!

Here is just one example of how our Prayer Partners are affected by praying for others: 

I just wanted to let you know how much my life has been enriched since I became a PBWU prayer warrior.  Sitting alone in my office each morning, reading each of the prayer requests, shedding a few tears with their situations and feelings of hopelessness.  This is a humbling experience, and keeps the focus squarely on others, which is really one of the greatest keys to happiness.  Thank you for starting this ministry and allowing me to be a part of it. ~ Bill


Would you like to partner with our Ministry in prayer?  Please join below!

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